Red 2020

The murder of a youngster creates confusion among a few cops when they find out that the one accused in the crime has a look-alike.

Loch Ness Swim

Loch Ness Swim 2020

In this moving and beautifully photographed film, ultra-marathon swimmer Patti Baurnfeind finds inspiration for her swims from various social causes.

The Magic of Chess

The Magic of Chess 2020

A group of children competing at the 2019 Elementary Chess Championships share their uninhibited insights about the benefits of the game.


Pantyhose 2020

Using handcrafted miniatures, the filmmaker tells the story of her move to San Francisco and her first job interview.

About Endlessness

About Endlessness 2019

Inspired by “One Thousand and One Nights,” the celebrated collection of Middle Eastern and Indian folk tales, “About Endlessness,” in its juxtaposition of tableaux capturing moments in life, explores the preciousness and beauty of our existence, awakening in us the wish to maintain this eternal treasure and pass it on.


Materna 2020

A closely observed psychological portrait of four women, whose lives are bound together by an incident on the New York City subway.


Stray 2019

Igor is ready for anything for the sake of Polina’s happiness, and in order to compensate for the loss of her son, the couple opens up to a new child. But instead of an ordinary boy from a shelter, a mystical creature that can recreate the memories gets into their family ... There has not yet been found a recipe for centuries of suffering, but perhaps the key to salvation in selfless love for each other ... Open your heart! Let her in ...


Hope 2019

A couple with a large blended family has grown apart. When the wife is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, their life breaks down and exposes neglected love.

Memoirs of Vegetation

Memoirs of Vegetation 2020

This playful paper-based animation from Jessica Oreck delves into the salubrious uses and nefarious misuses of castor beans throughout history.


Metro6 2020

When his car breaks down, Zak is forced to encounter all forms of humanity during a frenzied ride on a city bus.


Abuelos 2020

The separation of families on the US/Mexico border is profoundly depicted as a young girl dreams of being reunited with her grandmother.


Dreambuilders 2020

Minna, a young girl, misuses her newfound ability to create and control other people’s dreams to teach her bothersome stepsister a lesson. When her stepsister can no longer wake up, Minna has to enter the dream world to save her.

Смотри как я

Смотри как я 2020

Escaping from the orphanage, a desperate kid Olga accidentally meets Maxim, a blind guy who is tired of the quirks of a rich father. Having concluded a deal, they go on a road trip. Despite his peculiarity, Max manages to find a way out of the most incredible troubles and makes Olya look at the world differently.